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Welcome to Blue-Compass SoftwareTM

Blue-Compass provides best-in-class productivity tools to accelerate the process of creating modern Equity Research products, allowing your firm to hit the street before the competition.

*** NEW: Analyst CRM & BI Tools Released To Production ***

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Founded By Professionals In The Field

  • Blue-Compass was founded and designed by industry professionals working in the equities business.

  • We've worked in the field for decades and know your business challenges and constraints. Our solution is designed to deliever high productivity rates at the lowest cost.

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A True Cloud Application

  • Not all cloud applications are created equal. Having access to a server-based solution via the internet doesn't make you a Cloud Application.

  • Blue-Compass was designed from the groud up to be deployed and hosted on Microsoft's muli-billion dollar Azure Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Automatic failover and tripple redundancy delievers high reliability, and we stand behind our uptime with a service level gaurentee.

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The Results Are In ...

100% uptime for 2 years running ...

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